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The Beulah Show was a popular situation-comedy series broadcast on CBS from 1945 to 1954, and on television on ABC from 1950 to 1953. It became the first sitcom to star an African American actress. Originally portrayed by Caucasian actor Marlin Hurt, the show was titled The Marlin Hurt and Beulah Show. After Hurt's sudden death, a white actor Bob Corley took over the role Beulah. It was then retitled to The Beulah show. In 1947, black actress Hattie McDaniel took over the role, she helped double the ratings of the original series. It was a historical first to have a black actress as the star of a major network radio program. McDaniel continued in the role until she became ill in 1952 and was replaced by Lillian Randolph, who was in turn replaced for the 1953-54 radio season by her sister, Amanda Randolph.

The Beulah Show portrays the fun-loving and love-hungry housekeeper Beulah. The plots focus on Beulah's interactions with the family members who enjoy and appreciate her presence. Each episode starts with "Beulah, the all around girl and the same size all around . . . "

Show Name Date Aired
Hot Summer Day August 17, 1945
The Slogan Contest May 7, 1947
Vacation Troubles Part 1 June 27, 1950
Vacation Troubles Part 2 June 28, 1950
Vacation Troubles Part 3 June 29, 1950
Vacation Troubles Part 4 June 30, 1950
Flash Magazine November 13, 1953
Honorary Santa pt 1 December 23, 1953
Honorary Santa pt 2 December 24, 1953
Lunchroom's Grand Opening January 28, 1954
Becomes a Writer February 3, 1954
Writing a Love Story February 4, 1954
Writing about the Family February 5, 1954
Rumpus Room Construction February 8, 1954
Bill Builds Rumpus Room February 9, 1954
Cutting Onions September 10, 1954
Bill's Streetcar Lunchroom January 26, 1954
Flash Magazine Visits unknown
Audition unknown
Hires a Boy Friend (missing begining) unknown

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